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Rianna Loving Bio, Creator of Organic To Green,  ORGO, Beauty Cirque, & Cirque

Allure Best of Beauty AwardWomen's Health Beauty Award

Rianna Loving’s roots began as a trained creative and performing artist and by her teens she found success in the entertainment industry, mostly on television. Born in L.A. and growing up “camera-ready” turned out to be the perfect environment for this creative artist, and future brand creator. With an early career in entertainment, there was a lot of focus on one’s appearance. Combine that with her creativity and natural passion for aesthetics, fashion and design, and by 22 , she was creating beauty formulas in her kitchen, while redesigning friends’ homes and wardrobes. She made formulas to help her skin, but most importantly, it was her passion for the art of beauty rituals that she loved! With a strong trend-setting style and true passion for what she was creating, she not only made her organic products by hand, from scratch, but her dedication to creating the formulas she was making in her home ‘lab’ were growing from body to face to babies to adults and her passion for learning more about skincare resulted in obtaining her CA Aesthetics license. Her awareness of a healthy, organic lifestyle and social responsibility also became important when she set forth on her first brand.

Being a west coast California girl, born and raised in the casual glamour of Los Angeles at a time when becoming more health conscious and green was just starting. Rianna grew up creating homemade beauty and health recipes, taking influences from my mom’s Filipino roots and my dad’s English descent and knowledge of western medicine. This passion led her to continue creating in her kitchen, even obtaining her Aesthetics license, until eventually earning a living by crafting formulas and officially built a home ‘lab’. Building a businesses from the ground up was rewarded when Organic To Green was launched exclusively at Fred Segal in 2009.

Living in LA, I learned that distinguishing yourself from the crowd was important. However, I didn’t just want to be different, I wanted to make a difference. In between getting married and having kids, I started programs and product lines which catered to the eco-conscious.

Somewhere between the chaos of creating formulas, having kids, and obtaining an aesthetics license, her official Venice community reusing glass program ReUse Glass Bottles, her reusing trademarked business alliance ReUseCycle, and the L.A. cult brand Organic to Green, Inc. were born! She strongly believes reusing glass bottles is the best GREEN packaging choice, and after all the hard work behind creating a reusing program and preparing bottles for reuse, she quickly learned why she was the first and only person crazy enough for the challenge.

In 2011, Rianna Loving’s Organic to Green launched – ORGO, a new innovative conscious luxury lifestyle and beauty brand offering an array of chemical free skincare and family products. Combining the benefits of her organic/natural skin care background with the effectiveness of science, creating a new category in beauty called,  “Botanical Science.” Since then ORGO has been featured in New Beauty, Natural Health, Cosmopolitan, Latina, and Nylon Magazines.

Throughout the brand development process, Rianna enlisted Brad Jones for his product development, distribution, branding and strategy experience for such brands as Drybar, Andre Walker Hair, The Blind Barber, Ted Gibson and Neil George. Then creating Beauty Cirque a health conscious beauty store in Costa Mesa, CA at The O.C. Mart Mix in Fall 2011 where it was a regional Refill Station and offered custom body care product creations made on the spot. In the Summer of 2013 Beauty Cirque moved from Costa Mesa to Santa Monica, CA branching into a conscious lifestyle store, Cirque. Beauty Cirque is now home based in Santa Monica, CA. Also home base for Organic to Green and ORGO. 

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